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My buddy at work (Merlin Archery) lent me his copy of the ‘complete Fred Bear Collection on DVD’ and it made me realise something…

If I’m ever going to be like Fred Bear when I grow up (like I’ll ever grow up) I really should persevere with a bow quiver. I’ve tried many over the years with varying degrees of success.

So having recently just acquired a Bear Kodiak Take down with the screw holes for a side mounted screw on bow quiver, I’d though I’d have a little experiment.

So wile my little boy had his afternoon nap, I popped in to the garage for a little tinker. I butchered an old Bearpaw bow quiver (with rubber straps and transformed it into a screw on.

I’m really please with it, it’s stable with no noise and as it’s attached to the riser, it has no effect on the limbs. The only thing is the hood is a little lower than I’m used to…

So may be I’m one sep closer to being like Mr Bear, ma be I’ll treat myself to a nice hat tomorrow ;)

Take care and shoot straight!

Rockin! Now I just need to figure out a side quiver for my long bow…

Debt is the slavery of the free.
Publilius Syrus (via mnmlistic)


Three years ago, I was nervous about traveling to a foreign country, much less traveling alone. Now, I am quite the expert, and like it just as much if not more so than traveling within large groups (although my study abroad friends are the best!!). I’ve learned lots in my journey, and honestly,…

Listen to what this wonderful traveler girl has to say! These are all great bits of advice. Some are even satirical! My kinda stuff.

After all, we met in an airport. And I suppose we are kindred spirits in world travel. :)


*channeling visions of my future*



*channeling visions of my future*



Kids (MGMT)-Covered by Of Monsters and Men

More videos! Love this band!



If you’re going to try, go all the way.

inspiration for your tiny house dreams this day via Limestone Pictures

Very inspirational for life!


Krakow, PolandRafał Kubowicz

I like Krakow. Even if I prefer for Moni to live here in the US with me. :)


Krakow, Poland
Rafał Kubowicz

I like Krakow. Even if I prefer for Moni to live here in the US with me. :)

Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.
George Carlin (via mnmlistic)

Not sure if I’ve ever reblogged this one!

Eddie Vedder - Society
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Society - Eddie Vedder

Great lyrics!